Ugly, Critisized & Unwanted
The above picture is the creator of this accursed site, note the lots of computer manipulation (not talking about the wings or eye glow)

Name: Cailus, though disguised in the outside world as "Daniel"
Born: 26th February, 1984... The day God cursed Earth with this birth.
Birthplace: Sydney, New South Wales in Australia.
Favorite Saying: "I'm not smart... you're just stupid!"
Is he fat: "No but I wish I was fat so I could lay in bed and cover myself in vegimite... what an aphrodisiac!"
Favorite Thing in the Whole Wide World: Magic Potatoes, preferably dropped on the ground by Leprechauns.
What he wishes he'll grow up to be: "When I grow up I wanna be a fireman. If that fails, I'll just be a famous rock star."
Left Handed: Unfortunately not.
Favorite past time: Sitting outside on a fold out chair naked with a beer in one hand and a banana in the other...
Favorite Show: South Park and Jackass (On MTV...)
Favorite Porn Actor: Anyone who can do the amazing DVDA.
Will this stupidity ever end: Unfortunately not...