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Dawn's News Breaker (Prologue)

When Winter Killed

Whisper Your Demise

The Call From The Woods

The Morbid Bane
Part I: The Promise
Part II: The Winter That Kissed The Moon
Part III: The Execution Of A Soul

The Loneliness Of Moon (Epilogue)

Dawn's News Breaker (Prologue)

"Hear ye, hear ye,
All who hear and see!
Citizens of Wintershear;
Autumn's last breath draws near.
Morrow, the coming curse is nigh,
Listen thee, I do not lie!
The bitter stalker of winter's night,
A shadow hides amongst the crevices of light.
The moon does nought to save,
In its light the killer's fur does bathe.
Keep ye's light lit till breaking of dawn
Beware of the beast, the ungodly spawn!"

When Winter Killed

When the icy wind had come telling of spiteful strife,
Blasting the trees that once portrayed life.
The only thing that could be heard here,
Was the wicked storm gathering and starting to leer.
Leaves gradually fell down to the ground,
All life searched for shelter to bound.
Winter had come, and brightness just gasped to be,
But died and was replaced by an evil deity.
An annual murderer, a feared thing,
Silenced the serene sparrow that did beautifully sing,
When the sun was too weak to shield
Was When Winter Killed.

Whisper Your Demise

The mist is staring to clear,
But the unwanted is still here;
The cries of death are far and near.
As if a calling to Hell, you fear.
Waiting for the pain to subside.
Only rotting corpses to confide.
Crimson on your hands you hide.
Whose blood it is you cannot decide.
A sound is heard hiding in the forest of pine
Then fear trickles down your spine,
Like seeing Death, his scythe he does align,
As your eyes finally look at mine.
I am the one you mortals despise,
All who have seen me, the Winter, dies.
Along with the rest, here your epitaph lies…
Now I whisper your demise.

The Call From The Woods

There is a sound from within the woods.
It is sweet to the ears like ecstasy,
Hear the gentleness that invites,
As if able to heal the bitter heart.
The woods halt to hear the accord,
Grasping the harmony, wanting more.

It is the Moon laid among the trees,
Sacrifice had given her human form.
Her vestal body blooms to life,
Exclaims to the nature all around.
Her echo touches the very soul…
Can you hear the call from the woods?

The Morbid Bane

Part I: The Promise

Since the first moment of my birth,
Since the winter day my cruel eyes meet the earth,
Had I plagued it with my dark despair?
Mind of loathing and without care,
Deadly hate was all I had dealt,
As it was only thing I had felt.
But one winter dawn, tis' all fell to change,
When thou eyes met mine in exchange.

The first glance of thee upon the light,
Heart pounding; the wonder of sight.
Break the shackles of pain, faith renewed,
Thou lustful scent too strong to elude.
An existence of celestial magnitude,
Whilst mine, twisted with abhorrent attitude.
The beauty of thee, blessed by holy fate
Purity and perfection, bound by no hate.

The wonder of thee, as if sweet Eve,
My true love worth I would perceive,
A given chance to break the cement,
If not, for eternity I shall lament.
Hands of time tighten a chokehold,
Quickly come to me and then behold,
I present my soul, my heart is thine,
This emotion to strong to confine!

Part II: The Winter That Kissed The Moon

The winter nights are moonless,
Subdued they are with peace and darkness.
The stalker, the wolf, is no more,
It was vanquished with affection that killed its sore.
Instead of a beast, now a man lay in its place,
He has changed his mind, his heart, and his face.
Like a grotesque grub to a beautiful butterfly,
Did the existence transmogrify?

Winter's nights are beside the Moon,
She was his soul mate, his love, and his boon.
Her venial glance embraced his heart,
"Our love doth never part,
While rivers flow and fill the lakes,
While night disappears when the sun breaks,
Does this affection live in us?
Fuelled by this passionate lus-t."

Part III: The Execution Of A Soul

Then thirteen warm winters hath passed,
Hit by sickness, perhaps a spell been cast.
My tears fall onto the thou deathbed,
And there is nothing much to be said.
Remember how the cold heart laden with cruelty
Was touched by the gentle love of thou beauty.
In our matrimony, every embrace and kiss,
As if touched by Heaven, life of bliss.

Hold thy head, cradled by my heaving chest,
The moment with no words to describe best.
But short-lived love, "Must thou leave?"
Wipe the tears on one's velvet sleeve.
Like Heaven and Hell, we are torn asunder,
Unnatural unrest of rain and thunder.
I beg the gods to have you mine again.
But only loneliness shows my morbid bane.

A second turns to a minute, then to an hour,
Days on end, I am left to cower.
On the heath, stand screaming at the sky,
Question bloodied life, "Was it a lie?"
Again I am shackled to misery and pain,
With despair and sorrow asked to be slain.
A given chance for my salvation,
Alas, for eternity I have desolation.

The Loneliness Of Moon (Epilogue)

On a snowy knoll,
Lit by loneliness of Moon,
The silence is cut.

From the cold shadows
Emerges a lone figure.
Warm tears melt the snow.

A wolf's weeping eyes
Look to the sky in despair.
Howls echo through time…

© Copyright July 2001, Daniel Kosta

Winter Eternity