Name: Brother Rudel

Date Of Birth: 899.M41

Planet Of Origin: Baal Prime

Position: Veteran Sergeant of the 3rd (Assault) Squad

Awards: Terminator Honours, Seals of Purity.

Armament: Bolt Pistol, Modified Power Sword, Mk.II fragmentation grenades, C39 'Melta' grenades.

Notes: Rudel has only been transferred


transferred to the Impalers detachment recently, but has already shown himself worthy as an Impaler.He is one of the first Impalers to replace the Chapter badge with the Impaler one. This has been seen by many other Blood Angels as another step to treachery to the Blood Angels, but nothing has been officially said. Rudel has been noted for his aggresive vigilance, and has easily adopted the Impalers behaviours.


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