The Impalers: utmost loyal to the Emperor and their Primarch, Sanguinius. Their ferociousness and savagery will have the Emperor's enemies shitting themselves of fear.
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The Impalers were nicknamed this by other Imperial troops after witnessing the barbaric deeds this detachment did. In Armageddon a total over five hundred ork heads were impaled on the one battlefield. In many occasions they brought head trophies into battle as an act of 'righteousness'.

In 949.M41 they officially called their detachment The Impalers, though Blood Angel Apothecaries feared that this savage act of 'righteousness', could be a sign of the further decline of the gene-seed of their Chapter.


Picture Samuel Banon, Feb 2000

The Blood Angel Impalers detachment was formed in 941.M41 by the decree of Commander Dante on the planet Armageddon, which was in that time being invaded by Ork Warlord Ghazkgull Thraka (see file #02, Codex.Armageddon). The detachment basically consisted of a two tactical squads from the Third Company led by Sergeant Lothar. The 'detachment' was mainly assigned to defensive missions such as protecting bridges and sectors in many different sectors as the Adeptus Astartes slowly pushed back the Ork invasion. At the end of the campaign Lothar was awarded the Black Flame award for successfully completing all his missions.The detachment was left on Armageddon after the rest of the Blood Angels went back to their fortress monastery on Baal.

It had the objective of ridding any pockets of Orks left on the scarred planet.Eight years later, the Impalers were ordered to return to Baal.Here the detachment was increased in number (note that a number of casualties were taken over the years) and squads were now arranged into three six-man squads. The 9th Devastator Squad (led by Veteran Sergeant Gunther) and a Land Speeder were added to the detachment. Lieutenant Dan, an officer also from the 3rd Company, was given command over them.

In 950.M41 they were assigned to the protection of Helvetcia sector, where every couple of months or so were pitted against small invading forces of Chaos Space Marines.They called for reinforcements for they feared a larger scale of attack from Chaos. Helvetcia was an industrial world 163 light years away from the outer rim of the biggest warp hole in the universe, The Eye Of Terror. It was a highly industrial planet with abundant resources such as Adamantanium, and would be a great loss to the Imperium if it should fall to the enemy's hands. Six months later, the reinforcements did come in and just in time, as the Impalers' fear had come true. A large Chaos army smashed the orbital defenses of Helvecia in a surprise attack by the Chaos space hulk, the Destroyer Of A Thousand Worlds. Along with the reinforcements of Blood Angels, Chief Librarian Mephiston also arrived. Reports indicate that the force was Black Legion Space Marines with many Khornate warriors as well. The first three months of campaign was a bloody one, with both Blood Angels and Chaos losing many casualties. But the Impalers were in the forefront of the fighting alongside the revered Mephiston, many succumbing to the Black Rage and ripping apart even Chaos' greatest close combat troops; Khorne Berzerkers. Chaplain Invictus was instructed to take control of the Imaplers' Death Company as their size grew. On the forth month, the Black Legion retreated back to whence they came, possibly due to the number of casualties sustained, but just before the retreat came, reports depict that Lieutenant Dan was killed in close combat.

After the victory, the Blood Angels retreated back themselves to Baal. Veteran Sergeant Azgoth of the 2nd Terminator Squad who fought alongside the Impalers was promoted to Captain and assigned to leave his squad to command the Impalers.

Currently the Impalers are awaiting further orders.


Picture by Griffith, 2000

Although the Impalers are one of the many Blood Angel detachments, they are in their own way different from the rest of the army. It could be said that most Blood Angels depend on close combat and that heavy support is very rare. Though in the case of Impalers, the tactics are are divided into Assault and Heavy Support. Devastators play an important role in the detachment, and with the lead of Veteran Sergeant Gunther, they rarely succumb to the Black Rage. Also, a request for a Vindicator has been sent, which is armed with one of the heaviest weapons the Imperium has, the Demolisher Cannon.

Another manner that differs the Impalers from the rest of their brothers is that they have a tendency to impale their opponent's heads in and after a battle.
This is being questioned by both the Blood Angel Apothecaries and the Inquisition, which yet only suspects the Black Rage and other secrets the Blood Angels hide.

The tactical squads are organized into six-man squads, usually armed with a flamer and missile launcher. Whether this is to strengthen their numbers, or to have a decent number if someone should succumb to the Black Rage (a four-man squad is seriously handicapped), or perhaps some kind of devotion to their Primarch (or other deity?), they are efficient in their ways.


Currently, the Impalers have been ordered to decline their savage behavior due to the risk of questioning by the Inquisition.

As for their detachment size, the Vindicator is being inducted into the Impaler force. Further along the time line the force is to be boosted to incorporate a terminator force, another Tactical Squad, a bike squadron, and another Land Speeder.

As said before, an order for a Land Raider Crusader has been requested as well as a 'Baal' Class Predator, pending Dante's decision, which could be a while.




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