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+ + + DATE RECEIVED: 1027999.M41 + + +

We have just received an audio file (see below), which was recorded only two years ago. This is beleived to be a radio transmission from a rebel commander on Planet Denzen (ref #7363a), which was freed from the rebels by a Blood Angel force in a blitzkreig mission that only lasted 56 hours.
Voice enhancement: "This is alpha two niner, requesting immediate back up... we're taking too many casualties... the Blood Angels have smashed through our lines... holy sh..." explosion, followed by close fire, "Medic!" explosion, end transmission.

+ + + DATE RECEIVED: 915999.M41 + + +

Sightings of Tyrannid activity in the Tomahawk region (sector #643Bf) have been reported for the past week, mostly smaller mycetic spores. This is pure evidence that justifies the rumor of such an invasion that has been floating around this sector for the last six months. The local Imperial Guard based in on the sector's capital planet, Tomahawk IIV, have been successful so far to locate and destroy these small threats, but these are only the 'scouts' of this impending invasion, and it is estimated that more condensed spores will be arriving these days. If this happens it means that the planet, perhaps the actual sector is under the enormous threat of a hive fleet invasion. The main fleet usually arrive around fifty days after 'day 0 insertion'. The Planetary Governor has been pushed into issuing a distress call, that has so far only reached the Blood Angel Impaler detachment around two hundred light years away, which was training in the Bolian sector (#621Bk), that neighbours the Helvetcian sector. The Impalers have already prepared and are in hyper space two days from arriving in the Tomahawk sector. The Blood Angels have further sent another distress signal to heighten the awareness of this threat in the neghbouring regions.

An issue has been raised in these events. Tomahawk is mostly an ash world, ever since the planet's fourteen volcanos exploded almost sixty years ago. The planet consists of mainly Imperial Guard troops, many civilians prefer a more hospitable enviroment. It is a guard station outlooking the Eastern Fringe that is approximately six hundred light years away.
Vegetation on this planet is only seen in the few green houses that provide some of the food for its inhabitants and so most of the food is provided from elsewhere. Therefore rich minerals are low, so many ask why tyrannids are planning to 'digest' such a planet, it is not much different from the Dead Worlds left by Tyrannids themselves. Some say a frightening thing, that the Tyrannids are launching a tactical strike, as the loss of the Tomahawk sector will leave the area behind it defenseless, including Helvetcia, an important industrial world. If this is true the Tyrannids are not on a quest to feed, but to conquer!

Multi Melta Marine - artwork by Games-Workshop